Next steps

Although our original symposium is now behind us, work continues apace! Our contributors are now pulling their materials together, finalising papers based on the feedback and discussion at the symposium, ready for inclusion in an edited collection. This is due to be published in 2023.

The project team are also very pleased to have been selected to present a paper drawing on our ‘Known Unknowns’ work at the ‘Obligations X: Private Law and the State’ conference. This is due to be held in Banff, Canada, in July 2023 and we will be focusing on how the private law of obligations engages states’ obligations to determine disputes in the flashpoint scenarios represented by known unknowns.

Longer term, we are excited to develop our investigation of uncertainty further, and beyond the comparative historical legal analysis we have been conducting. In particular, we are looking to develop an interdisciplinary seminar and working papers series to bring our research findings within the law into conversation with a variety of other fields. Among others, we hope to include philosophers, medical scientists and practitioners, theologians, artists, and historians and classicists in our investigations.